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Troy Heinzman

Southeast Regional Manager


Troy joined Albert Bichot in 2016, with twenty-five years of wine industry experience. How did he get started in the industry?

“I had a couple of roommates working at a fine dining restaurant in downtown Orlando. They would bring home leftover bottles of wine from the restaurant and we would taste them. One night my buddy Randy brought home a 1982 Chateau Beychevelle and the rest is history. I had the wine bug and there was no turning back. I worked in various restaurants through college and my final position was the Beverage Manager for Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney. I was way over my head so the head chef recommended I taste every wine from every vendor and ask questions. Eventually, I would figure it out. He was right and I did…”

For Troy, the best part of working for Albert Bichot is “Of course the people and the product. We operate our territories like a small business and share best practices with the team. Everyone works well together and we all support each other.”

He likes to explore pairings by throwing out the playbook and experimenting with different aromas, textures, and flavors. If he were a Bourgogne Appellation, he’d be Fixin.

“Not only is Fixin a village with dynamic and overlooked wines, but it is also part of everyday dialect in the south. Ima fixin’ to get my drink on!”

When he is not working, he enjoys water sports, golf, bar games, and even fixing up old cars.

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